The Consultative Committee

Chairman: Riginos Theoharis

Secretary: Demetris Voulgaris

Members: Phoebus Christodoulou
                 Athena Constantinou
                 Eleni Antoniadou
                 Nikolaos Griparis
                 Georgios Kontogiorgis
                 Anestis Konstantinidis
                 Gregorios Niotis
                 Themistokles Vokos
                 Andreas Voskos

Manager: Demetris Voulgaris

The responsibility for the smooth running and the execution of the programmed activities lies with the General Manager of the Centre who, at the same time, acts as the Secretary of the Consultative Committee.

He also has authority to organise a Local Council consisting of representatives of local institutions when deemed necessary. The character of such a council is purely consultative.

The founding member Mr.Damianos Constantinou may attend the meetings of the Consultative Commitee and be a lifetime member thereof and replaces the Chairmain when absent.


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